Can I buy ivermectin over the counter?

First of all, the Internet is information. And in the listed online pharmacies, all this information is collected, sorted, and systematized so that each customer can get an answer to their question in one or two clicks. If you don’t know how to order Ivermectin online, convenient search assistance and the help of consultants are always at your service.

Guardian Singapore
Address: 50 Kallang Rd, #B1-01 Lavender MRT Station, Singapore 208699 | Phone: +65 6293 9397 | Website:

Kira was super helpful!! Come and check out their quality selections and a clean environment. Best medical dispensary near me for sure !!! I love the vibes, the flower, and the bomb deals !! DIME CARTS HERE AND BOMB STIZZYS can’t wait for Black Friday Deals!! Love coming here for sure recommend it! Dog and cat friendly.

I came to Guardian Singapore trying to find Ivermectin an inhaler because I can’t take a deep breath and the doctors won’t give me the proper tests. I need to get an inhalant steroid to fix my problems. I stood at the pharmacy desk for about 30 minutes, waiting for the pharmacist that the assistant told me would help me. They never helped me. Thanks, I’ll just go struggle to breathe somewhere else. It is as they say. Medical attention in this country is a joke.

Nishino Pharmacy
Address: 391A Orchard Rd, #B2-17, Singapore 238873 | Website:

THIS place is soo firee every time I come here!! Best medical dispensary in San Bernardino! Jane is awesome, and they gave me fire deals on Stromectol! I definitely recommended this Nishino Pharmacy to everyone and coming back on 11/29 for PAD!! Also, fire black Friday deals are coming up.

I approached the counter and was ignored while the tech lead ate his snack (he looked at me and ignored me, then went back to eating). The girl working had to cover for his sloppy and unprofessional behavior even though she was actually busy. She told me it would be just a minute which was fine, but she shouldn’t have had to cover for his behavior. Then when he finally got around to greet me, he was just plain rude. I won’t go back and don’t recommend it to anyone that has alternative options. Plenty of places employ decent people, and it’s a shame that one bad egg ruins the experience and reputation for everyone else.

Block 3 Outpatient Pharmacy
Address: Blk 3, Level 1, Singapore General Hospital, Outram Rd, Singapore 169608 | Phone: +65 6321 4110 | Website:

I came to the cheapest pharmacy ever for Ivermectin, and Kate helped me out. She had the best customer service ever. She always hooks it up! I love the vibes and great deals each time I come in! They also have super fire black Friday deals here! Definitely recommend it to everyone.

I’m totally annoyed right now! I scheduled a COVID booster shot for 10:00. I arrived at 9:45 and was told the person who gives the shots won’t be in until 10:15 or 10:30. If that’s the case, then why would they allow me to schedule an appointment at 10:00? That’s unacceptable. Block 3 Outpatient Pharmacy obviously have no regard for people’s damn time! When I complained to the people behind the pharmacy counter, they acted as if they could care less! Simple solution – READ THE COVID APPOINTMENTS AND HAVE THE PERSON AT THE STORE DURING THOSE TIMES!! Simple!!!!

Unity Kallang Bahru
Address: #02-531 Kallang Bahru, #02-531, Singapore 330071 | Phone: +65 6298 8239 | Website:

Some of the best deals in town, definitely recommend Unity Kallang Bahru to all of my friends. Danny was accommodating and kind and knowledgeable here! I can’t wait for November 29. They have a lot of Black Friday deals here like you can get Ivermectin cheaper than ever.

I don’t think it deserves any star. But, I have to give it a minimum of one star to be able to post this review. If you like to be ripped off and pay double for the medications, then this is the place. A refill of 3 mg Stromectol that regularly costs $32.00 ended up costing $69.89 at this place. I called the pharmacist, and she insisted that the pricing was correct and that she used better quality medication. How better quality can get that justifies more than doubles the regular price? Also, I’ve never asked for a different medication, and I asked for a refill of what I had before. For me, this is just an excuse for the greedy merchant who exploits at the expense of a naive consumer. It’s my first time doing business here, and it’s also my last time.