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The Peranakan Gallery’s main exhibit centers around an elaborate 20-seater Tok Panjang table set with exquisitely-crafted Nyonya ceramics, Chinese porcelain and Waterford crystal ware; a nod to the Malay, Mandarin and European influences beloved by the Peranakans and assimilated into their aesthetic. Tok Panjang is a grand spread of dishes laid out with great care upon a table, in celebration of special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and hallmark birthdays. This table is at the heart of The Peranakan Gallery, and spotlights the importance that Babas (men) and Nyonya’s (women) place on their distinct culinary heritage. Visitors will be heartened to know that this Tok Panjang table isn’t merely a museum display, as the gallery’s adjoining restaurant, The Peranakan, is able to serve up an authentic Tok Panjang feast comprising over 12 signature items at the table, priced from S$68++ per person (minimum of 8 persons, pre-booking is required). This location is ideal for corporate entertainment, weddings and intimate dinners. Engage a private Peranakan band to spice up the occasion or private butler/cocktail bar service. Whatever suits your fancy, call us today at 6262 4428 or