Our new menu

This is our new menu. Enjoy !

    • Desserts

    • Chef’s Dessert Platter

    • Chendol Melaka

      Chendol Melaka

      Our chendol is freshly made with our award winning blend of gula melaka makes this a refreshing dessert

    • Chendol Melaka with durian

    • Kueh Bingka

      Kueh Bingka

      Traditional Tapioca Cake but vegan friendly

    • Kueh Kosui

      Kueh Kosui

      Steamed gula melaka cake with fresh grated coconut

    • Pulot Enti Durian

      Pulot Enti Durian

      Blue glutinous rice topped with 100% Malaysian kampung durian puree

    • Pulot Enti Kelapa

    • TP Dessert Platter

      TP Dessert Platter

      End your meal with our signature dessert platter featuring 5 of our most sedap sweet treats - Apom Bokwa, Pulot Enti Kelapa & Durian, Kueh Bingka and Durian Pengat!

    • Whole pandan Gula Melaka Birthday Cake

    • Whole pandan Gula Melaka Birthday Cake With durian

      Whole pandan Gula Melaka Birthday Cake With durian

    • Traditional Soups

    • Itek Tim

      Itek Tim

      Soup of tender duck steamed with kiam chye (salted vegetables) and sour plums.  Grandma loved hers with some XO.

    • Sup Bakwan Kepiting

      Sup Bakwan Kepiting

      Rich clear broth of crabmeat/pork/prawn balls with bamboo shoots

    • Starter

    • Kueh Pie Ti Set of 10

      Kueh Pie Ti Set of 10

      Delicate crisp Top Hats filled with stewed julienned turnip and condiments, topped with prawn. An excellent hands-on experience. Also available in a mini set of 4

    • Appetiser

    • Ngoh Hiang

      Ngoh Hiang

      Mouthwatering meat rolls hand made with diced water chestnut, prawns, minced pork and condiments. Choice of Prawn or Liver versions.

    • Sambal Timum

      Sambal Timum

      Cucumber tossed with Sambal belachan, onions and crispy dried shrimps. Super appetizing!  Once you add top shell ... sedap!

    • Vegetarian Popiah Goreng

      Vegetarian Popiah Goreng

      Deep fried and crispy vegetable springrolls. Best with our chilli cuka